Hospitality is undergoing a great transformation as people ask for more and more quality and safety. The risks of the Hospitality sector are manifold which is why it is essential to protect these businesses by subscribing to specific insurance products specifically designed and evaluated by experienced professionals.
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If, for example, an accidental event such as fire or flood, should strike an accommodation facility, the hotelier should be able to ensure their client with the absence of discomfort during the stay, as this also depends on a prompt recovery and rescue to contain both direct and indirect damage.

Increasingly, hospitality facilities have specific needs in risk management, also to protect themselves from events that may affect the image of the business. It is in fact a sector in which “reputation” is a critical factor, especially now with all those online comparison portals.

Another fundamental aspect is the protection of the company and its assets. Every hotelier, as an entrepreneur, makes large investments for their business and exposes themselves financially through mortgages, leasing, and other financial instruments.

The insurance broker is indeed a precious ally, who can suggest the right insurance solutions and opportunities to those who work in a sector that characterizes the heritage of many Italian regions.

We at A&A Insurance Broker, highly specialized in the handling of claims, can offer hoteliers a consultancy and management service for harmful events (in a phase of severe discomfort) and be at their side when making the right choice in terms of coverage. insurance.

We therefore address any type of hotel structure and of any size, offering tailor-made solutions: complete in the multi-risk property and liability sections, with a simple structure, property parameterisation on lots and liability on turnover, and with a full liability section. included without warranties or additional costs.

Ci rivolgiamo a qualsiasi tipo di struttura alberghiera e di qualsiasi dimensione, offrendo soluzioni su misura

Tra le garanzie proposte da A&A vi sono : incendio; furto; ampiezza delle garanzie e dei sotto limiti per inondazioni ed alluvioni, sovraccarico di neve, franamento e smottamento, crollo; possibilità di assicurare l’interruzione d’esercizio basata sulle presenze dell’anno precedente, in percentuale o come indennità aggiuntiva; rottura di lastre, lampadari, rovina ascensori e montacarichi; mancato freddo e merci in refrigerazione; lavori di ordinaria e straordinaria manutenzione e ristrutturazione; danno da incendio a cose di terzi; interruzione o sospensione attività di terzi; inquinamento accidentale; resposabilità D.Lgs. 81/2008; RC per servizi accessori (ristorante, bar, piscine, beauty farm, wellness, …); RC su attività sportive e ricreative, escursioni organizzate, organizzazione di convegni e seminari; RC per cose consegnate o non consegnate; RC dell’ospite verso terzi; RC HACCP; tutela dell’ospite per il bagaglio e gli effetti personali a seguito di rapina o scippo.

Non esitare a contattarci, saremo lieti di venire a trovarti nella tua struttura ricettiva e presentarti il nostro metodo di approccio alla gestione del rischio.

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