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We aim to be the first reference in the insurance brokerage sector, those who can bring value to organizations by being a part of their development and growth, consistently aligned with their goals, cognizant of what’s new on the market.
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Who We are

A&A Insurance Broker is a solid and established business entity, born to assist clients, both local and foreign, in consulting, administration, issuance and review of insurance contracts. We have been operating in the sector for 25 years and we have experienced its evolutions and changes, always remaining faithful to our mission.

Our Services

Each economic crisis cycle, as already seen in recent history, shifts from finance to real economy, and vice versa.

Italy's economic fundamentals are increasingly vulnerable with impacts in all business sectors, especially over the service industry where we observe a steep decline in customer confidence. We believe that a comprehensive insurance offer is one of the most, if not the most, effective response to volatility and uncertainty.

Risk Analysis and Prevention

In a rapidly changing environment, if you want to effectively manage risks, allocate your capital and achieve results, you got to be able to predict what is going happen in the future.

Company Risk Management

Only an in-depth business analysis can help identify, mitigate, cancel risks, or transfer them to other players, such as insurance companies.

Claims Management

Having a trusted partner means that all incidents will be managed effectively and in the shortest time, so that you can minimize any impacts.


The Affinity Groups branch is relatively unknow and finding the right options can still be hard. It is essential to work along a reliable partner if you want to make sure you’ll find a proper solution.


Businesses and Industries

The world economy is in turmoil. It is a difficult time for many industries, in particular manufacturing and production are having the worst impact. The whole industry is facing what is happening all around, between logistics issues, roaring inflation, war.

Both for individuals and businesses, it is essential to work with consultants capable of offering bullet-proof solution, which is what a trusted broker can do.

A&A Insurance Broker works with the client to uphold their strategic direction.


A&A Insurance Broker supports companies by offering spot-on, reliable insurance solutions which are designed for this industry.

Small businesses

We deliver tailor-made insurance coverage for the entrepreneur, as well as for their business, collaborators and family.


Whether you have a real shop or a virtual one, A&A Insurance Broker’s solutions will protect yours and your clientele’s interests from any potential harm.


One of the most important areas of focus for A&A Insurance Broker. We are proud to be seen as a thorough expert who gives all-round, result-driven solutions to any parties involved, at any step of the process, both in Italy and abroad.


When it comes to move goods, a complete, consistent insurance coverage is a must-have if you want to be prepared for any events. Only a broker who is specialized in Logistics like we are can really deliver.


We support the Condo Management in everything related to insurance coverage, especially in case of accident, in order to speed up the process and get the most out of it.


When managing a hotel, a chain or just a B&B, the Host can benefit from an umbrella-like coverage which is specifically designed for that purpose by industry-experienced professionals like we are.


A&A focuses on freelance jobs and workers by providing a thorough advisory service for any categories and areas of activity.

Individual and Family

A&A Insurance Broker can provide the best Personal Line products on the market, both to protect people themselves and their possessions.

Cars and Motorbikes

An everchanging space where it is not easy to sort offerings out, and where a competent advisor can really make a mark.

Sustainable Energy

A&A Insurance Broker offers innovative insurance solutions for any kinds of energy generation system – solar, wind, geothermic, hydro.


The insurance sets of products and services A&A provides cover a wide range of risks all year round, for the farmer who needs a proper coverage for workers and other assets.

Personnel Agencies

We are the first broker in Italy for guarantees required to get the Ministerial Authorization, which is mandatory to work as a Personnel Agency in Italy and to participate in public bids. And yes, we take care of all the rest too.

Training Agencies

A top-notch service for those who work with the most valuable of products: knowledge.

Public Institutions

A&A Insurance Broker offers insurance programs to manage risks that are oftentimes complex, unusual and very hard to cover with the traditional offering found on the market.


The flexible solutions that A&A Insurance Broker provides are able to adapt to the specific needs coming from NGOs and other Non-Profit entities.


A&A Insurance Broker designs and delivers ample and complete coverage for both done and suffered damage, for any kinds of ship.


A brand new focus for us, where we are creating innovative solutions.

Coming Soon

We aim to be always creative and constantly improve for the benefit of our clients.


Areas of Expertise

The high specialization in some particularly complex market segments, the ability to design targeted coverage for each type of customer, the possibility of structuring wide-ranging programs, the ability to offer a unique underwriting capacity on the market... all this brought A&A identify and refine a series of Areas of Expertise.

Since these areas require a huge degree of specialization, A&A's experts are focused on designing, implementing and carrying out solutions that represent a real distinctive element in the insurance brokerage market.

Credit Insurance

A&A Insurance Broker offers integrated credit insurance and factoring solutions for business risk management.


Since 2005 we have been working along individuals, companies and businesses in various industries, offering a wide range of guarantees and keeping the pace of evolving legislation and market needs.

Guarantees for Personnel Agencies

Guarantees for job-related services: one of our most competitive advantages.

Guarantees for Training Agencies

A&A has developed core skills to help our client easily face complex procedures, respond to complicated requirements and abide by a continuously changing set of rules.

Cyber Risk

We can provide coverage for loss or disclosure of personal and sensitive data, in order to protect against events involving threats and damages to the information system and service interruption.


We design and implement solutions to protect in the best possible way Donation as an anticipation of the inheritance attributions.

Event Cancellation

A&A offers customized insurance solutions to protect participants, visitors and guests of any type of event against unforeseen occurrence.


A&A Insurance Broker works alongside customers to promote solutions that respond to the most updated needs, by designing corporate welfare tools and services for every industry.

Dedicated to your enterprise

Support the growth of your business with A&A Insurance Broker

Angelo Anesa

Decades of experience helping clients through a 360-degree consulting approach for maximum results.

Teresa Lo Iacono
Construction and Real Estate Practice Leader, Operations Manager

An all-round approach to risk management and the ability to assist the customer from A to Z, combined with a focus on the most valuable sectors.

Sergio Bosio
Sales Director

The relationship with clients as an approach to business development and customer loyalty, which represents the fundamental asset in our business model.

Lina Zitiello
Personnel Agencies Practice Leader

Specialization as a modus operandi. A thorough professional, at the customer’s service. Maximum satisfaction guaranteed, always.

Francesca Franco
Back Office Manager

Ability to solve problems of all kinds, aiming to ensure the best experience for the client, and to excel in quality and results of the BO Team.

Guido Fusaro
Account Manager

A very long experience in the Automotive and Transportation sector, a great knowledge of the private insurance space, the highest quality of service for the client.

Ilic Milani
Account Manager, Milan Office Lead

Ability to respond to every request with the proper solution, from the simplest to the hardest, by putting in the client’s shoes to fully understand their needs.

Antonio Zanzottera
Account Manager

Versatility, synoptic vision of problems, team spirit, innovative solutions. The ‘sport coach’ approach in the insurance world.

Barbara Pagani
Back Office

Kindness and commitment as key to work with every client, even the most demanding ones.

Giuseppe Tambè
Account Manager

Experience as an added value, customer orientation as a constant approach.

Sabrina Artale
Back Office

Disponibilità, freschezza, attitudine positiva. Un supporto sempre presente per la migliore esperienza del cliente.

Manuela Valtorta
Incident Management

When you need it the most, you can rely on who can support you all the way through with the utmost professionalism and experience.

Stefania Spica
Back Office

How to assist the client with courtesy, humility and perseverance, without leaving anything to the unforeseeable, keeping an eye on continuous improvement.

Silvia Francavilla
Back Office

Professionalism and commitment as a customer service model.

Manuela Contaldi
Back Office

Sales skills and the ability to manage the relationship with the customer are combined with motivation and an innovative vision of the sector.

Christian Petrone
Account Manager, Northern Milan (Bresso) Lead

Innovation, creativity, attention to social and local aspects of our work. A key leader at the helm of the A&A offices in the area.

Giuseppe Russo
Front & Back Office

Helpfulness and honesty, interpersonal and technical skills for both front back office at our office in Northern Milan.

Davide Petrone
Front e Back Office, Social Media Mktg

Assicurazioni e non solo. Visione sinottica del mondo Marketing e Digital, l’entusiasmo e le competenze giuste per innovare nel settore.

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