The Affinity Groups (subjects that can be grouped into a whole or a category because they share the same peculiar needs) branch, due to the difficulty in finding tailor-made insurance products, has seen an increase in demand from groups of people eager to find suitable, feasible solutions to their needs.
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Since the rise of affinity groups, companies, associations or other entities aiming to satisfy the requests of these groups have also increased in number, and are offering ad hoc services with high added value solutions.

The main objective of the projects carried out by A&A Insurance Broker is not the mere sale of insurance products within a group, but the activation of a partnership with the client that allows them to become the provider of a high-quality service. added value for its associates or customers or for people who identify with our partner.

Through a widespread collaboration, it is possible to implement and continuously improve all aspects of the project, strengthening the link between the users of the service and our client.

A&A offers support to all those entities (companies, associations, organizations) that have an interest in developing service offer projects to groups of people in order to:

  • enrich the offer
  • differentiate from competitors
  • increase customer loyalty
  • increase the offer for employees
  • offer added value to associates

The close collaboration between A&A and the client is fundamental in all the service design phases and in particular during:

  • the analysis of insurance needs
  • the decision on what solution
  • the formulation of the marketing strategy
  • the launch of the program
  • the implementation of support initiatives
  • the study and subsequent launch of customer care services
A partnership with mutual benefits

A&A, based on the information obtained from the client, places the risks on the insurance market, selecting the best proposals from the insurance companies and any providers based on the following parameters:

  • reliability of the company
  • guarantees given
  • quality and effectiveness of support services (e.g. claims management)
  • price and other terms
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