Re: claims, it is important to have a reliable partner who manages them effectively and in the shortest possible time to minimize their economic impact.
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The right coverage is only the beginning of the insurance relationship. For brokers and companies, claims management is one of the most important areas for customer satisfaction and therefore it plays a strategic role in our value proposition.

The claim in A&A is managed by internal specialized personnel and splits into several phases:

  • Advice in drafting the claim report
  • Assistance and collection of related supporting documentation
  • Forwarding the complaint to the insurance company
  • Appointment and direct interaction with professionals in managing the case
  • Check of any expiration dates and limitations
  • Client update on the case status
  • Check of claims settlement and payment procedures
Full support, from accident to liquidation.

The last step in the claim management process, the post-accident recovery service aims to minimize damage after the harmful event by letting the company resume normal activities in a short time.

The service is taken on by specialized professionals who are immediately available for the emergency and assistance phases.

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