Risk Management

The most accurate risk analysis, carried out through a careful identification of the business specifics, is what we do to help our clients adopt the most suitable solutions to either cancel, mitigate, or transfer losses to other subjects such as, first of all, insurance companies.
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Risk Management

For any Clients, identifying and quantifying their exposure to various risks is essential. The first step of the process is to determine the most effective insurance policy, the one that combines optimal coverage, low cost and best protection of assets, among the potential solutions.
A&A Insurance Broker’s experts work alongside the Client to find not just the best coverage, but also on prevention, risk mitigation and the most suitable self-insurance choices.
A&A, through the experience gained in the various industrial and commercial sectors, is capable of carrying out an accurate risk analysis and defining the Risk Management policies that are mostly suited to the specific needs of the client, with the aim of minimizing the cost of risk in advance.

These are preparatory stages for risk mapping:

Identification of the risk, identification of the assets to be covered and of the responsibilities related to the specific sector, both of employees and of external parties.
Assessment / Quantification of risks, losses, maximum exposures to damages caused by single negative events.
Risk control; check and amend existing prevention and protection systems; definition of the safety levels to be the basis for what to choose when it comes to risk management.
Following the risk analysis carried out for the client, A&A proposes a series of adjustments to existing policies and the stipulation of contracts’ extensions. The so called “insurance project” consists of several points:
• In-depth analysis of the current insurance position and considerations on emerging opportunities
• Solutions and benefits proposed to align coverage with actual risks
These are the areas of optimization: from the analysis of capital or ceilings at risk, to missing guarantees, excessively high deductibles, unfulfilled contractual obligations, excessive amount of contracts, etc.

When it comes to Claims Management, A&A guarantees full support to the Customer all the way through.

Recurrent tasks which are typical of such a service can include:

  • Constant monitoring of complaint and check if it is consistent with what is covered
  • Acquisition of documents to be sent to the appointed expert and quantification of the damage
  • Upon completion of the expert assessments, definition of the damage and completion of the related deeds
  • Periodic indication of the number and progress of settlement and damage compensation
  • If necessary, advice from a specialized trusted lawyer
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