A&A Insurance Broker works alongside companies by offering precise and reliable insurance solutions for their manufacturing activities. Our solutions are designed to fully meet the specific insurance needs, both locally and abroad, of our client companies of all sizes and sectors.
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Our services include in-depth advice on risk management to prevent damage, quick and professional assistance in the event of a claim.

When it comes to providing coverage for a manufacturing company, whether small, midsize or large, we offer solutions capable of ensuring business continuity so that no event can compromise the stability of the organization.

Our team will create a case fully suited to your needs, and based on the results, will design specific products in order to guarantee:

  • risks relating to the production system;
  • continuity of production;
  • personnel and company management.

We can also offer solutions for managing company current assets, guaranteeing employee severance and / or directors’ termination comp.
An integrated approach to risk coverage, starting with an end in mind

We offer a wide range of services and best-in-class solutions for your business sector, for the following areas:

You are covered for all declared fire damages and for those not expressly excluded in the policy. For example, against material damage from sociopolitical events and malicious acts, weather events, snow overload, conducted water, electrical phenomena and, on request, also from earthquakes and floods.

Damages resulting from theft and robbery of goods, machinery, equipment and furnishings pertaining to the company are covered. This also includes theft and robbery occurring outside the company premises in the event of transport of valuables, as well as coverage for damage and breakdowns caused by thieves. You are also protected for goods placed in third party premises or at exhibitions, fairs and for those transported in the company’s vehicles.

In the event of damage included among those identified in the Fire section, you can cover against the economic consequences (decrease in turnover and therefore loss of earnings) deriving from it.

This is the main risk of any activity, be it manufacturing, sales or contracting; allows you to protect yourself from claims for damages to property of third parties or personal injury to employees or third parties, resulting from running a business at, or owning, a specific building.

For companies in some manufacturing sectors, it allows you to protect yourself from claims for compensation of damage to third party property or personal injury to third parties resulting from a defect in the manufactured products.

It allows you to insure all damage, material and direct, that the goods produced and / or marketed by a company may suffer during transport. Coverage is active for any means used.

It allows you to insure costs for judicial and / or extra-judicial assistance relating to disputes of a non-contractual nature and some other disputes indicated in the policy, such as those relating to the ownership, rental or operation of company buildings and individual labor disputes promoted in the towards the company.

There are many events that can compromise the continuity of production. To address these risks, we offer:
• coverage of technological risk;
• coverage of machine breakdowns;
• coverage of renewable energy plants.

Personnel and management are indispensable resources for the proper functioning of a company and their absence, even temporary, can lead to economic damage.

We at A&A design adequate customized solutions, whether they are due by the employer for any contractual burden (deriving from national collective labor agreements), or whether they are stipulated deliberately, with reference to:
• Coverage in the event of death;
• Accident coverage;
• Health coverage.

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