A branch with a high rate of claims, where it is essential to have a specialized insurance partner.
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What you need in Logistics is a “specialist” insurance broker, since special is the Logistics sector, with its specific regulatory framework, where “customs and habits” have a central role, as well as a strong international vocation, which arises from the importance of import-export for the Italian business playground.

The Logistics practice within A&A works with the Italian and foreign insurance market to identify the most suitable companies to cover the specific risks of the operators.

Our staff is a team of technical experts dedicated exclusively to the operational management of policies and claims, supported by a network of experts and law firms specialized in the wide world of shipping, logistics and transport.

The A&A Logistics Practice supports the client from risk analysis to insurance coverage all the way through:

Analysis of specific needs and identification of the most suitable insurance companies;
Preparation of tailor-made policy details, agreed directly with the client;
Management of claims in all of their phases, with constant updating and assistance to the client, up to the direct settlement of damage also through the settlement authorities;
Annual redefinition of the insurance budget in accordance with the client’s spending policies;
Constant monitoring of insurance coverage to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory changes.

The Team operates with both the Italian and foreign insurance market; Typical customers of the Practice are logistics operators, shipping companies, land-, rail-, multimodal- carriers, client companies, commodity traders, shipping agencies, terminal operators, logistic hubs.

Strengths are:

  • the strong specialization of the staff, who refresher courses to maintain a highly professional operational and consulting service;
  • the network of professional partners (experts, law firms, liquidators), selected on the basis of objective parameters in terms of efficiency and specialization;
  • the marked orientation to the specific needs of clients, in consideration of the profound differences between the different categories of operators.

For those who move goods, an adequate transport policy must be a no brainer.

In addition, when it comes to Vector Liability, we advise on important extensions such as:

  • Extension of the protection limits provided for in the CMR treaty (Convention des Marchandises par Route – international road trade, articles 23 and 27)
  • “Warsaw pact” for the protection of goods transported to former USSR countries as well as the guarantee “on behalf” which covers material and direct damage affecting third party goods transported by the Insured for which the same has received an order to insure the full value of the goods by the owners thereof

The service offered to our customers is complete and goes from the analysis of their position, to searching for the best products and conditions on the insurance market, to assistance and management in the event of claims.

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